The Mystery Trust – By CP Kazor

Every Wednesday evening from 1955 until 1960, most American families would huddle around the black-and-white television to watch the show The Millionaire. My parents always instructed me to make sure we kept the porch light on just in case Michael Anthony was looking for our home so he could present us with a check for a million dollars from the ultra-rich benefactor, “John Beresford Tipton.”The Mystery Trust: The Beginning is the first in a series of short stories to come. In every story, the Mystery Trust’s trustees will pick someone to gift an amount of money, tax-free, to help change his or her life. The Beginning will show how the Mystery Trust formed. It is a story of mystery, murder, intrigue, Cyberhacking, and more. A Cyber Security Executive finds an anomaly running on a client’s system. She removes it and is tragically killed on the way to a birthday cruise for her husband. But her assistant does not believe her death was an accident and that billions of dollars are at risk. Her assistant enlists the help of her father and his friends, a mysterious group made up of a casino security chief, his boss, a casino owner, a former CIA agent, and one of the world’s best hackers unravel the mystery only to find more questions.